Nguyễn Siêu tiếp tục giữ ngôi đầu Hanoi Maths Olympiad

17:17 29/11/2019

Trải qua rất nhiều vòng tuyển chọn, sơ loại đầy cam go, thử thách, 24 học sinh đến từ hai khối cấp THCS và THPT Nguyễn Siêu đã tham gia kì thi Hanoi Maths Olympiad 2019, so tài cùng rất nhiều trường song ngữ lớn tại Hà Nội. Đồng thời, xuất sắc giành được vị trí quán quân với 1 huy hương Vàng và 1 huy chương Bạc cấp THPT, 1 huy chương Bạc cấp THCS.

Maths Olympiad là một sự kiện thường niên được khởi xướng và tổ chức dành cho học sinh các trường quốc tế/song ngữ tại Hà Nội. Mục đích của sự kiện này nhằm phát huy tinh thần làm việc nhóm và trau dồi các kĩ năng thực hành Toán học trong thực tiễn thông qua một cuộc thi thú vị, có tính cạnh tranh cao. Học sinh tham gia không chỉ cần thông minh và thành thạo các kĩ năng Toán học mà còn phải nhiệt tình giúp đỡ các bạn trong cùng nhóm với mình.

Kì thi Maths Olympiad thu hút sự tham gia của đông đảo các trường quốc tế/song ngữ lớn tại Hà Nội

Năm nay, trường Nguyễn Siêu tham gia kì thi Maths Olympiad với các trường BIS, BVIS, CISH, HIS, Hanoi Academy, St. Paul, UNIS, Wellspring, Olympia, ISV, TH School. Nối tiếp thành công của kì thi năm 2018, năm nay, Nguyễn Siêu lại tiếp tục giành vị trí thứ nhất, đạt 5/8 giải thưởng.

Lịch sử và thành tích tham dự cuộc thi Hanoi Maths Olympiad của học sinh Nguyễn Siêu trong hơn 3 năm qua 

Trong đó, về giải tập thể có 1 huy chương bạc cấp THCS, 1 huy hương bạc và 1 huy chương vàng cấp THPT; giải cá nhân xuất sắc nhất cấp THCS thuộc về bạn Tô Anh Minh (lớp 7CI6); cấp THPT thuộc về bạn Phan Huy Quang (lớp 10IG2S1). Cuộc thi đã để lại nhiều cảm xúc cho giáo viên cũng như tất cả học sinh tham gia.

Đại diện đoàn học sinh khối THCS (Middle school - từ lớp 6 đến lớp 8)

Đại diện đoàn học sinh khối THPT (High school, từ lớp 9 đến lớp 11)

Về cuộc thi, cô Danielle O. Molisani (Trưởng bộ môn Toán Cambridge) chia sẻ:

"This year, all Mathematics teachers of Grade 6 to Grade 11 gave 96 students the opportunity to compete to attend the 5th annual Hanoi Maths Olympiad. Students went through two selection rounds which culminated in the best 24 students, selected due to exceptional mathematical abilities and cooperative skills. The 24 students (2 high school teams and 2 middle school teams) and their Mathematics teachers attended three training sessions during lunch time, valuable time dedicated to practice and enhance their abilities. These sessions not only concentrated on strengthening their puzzle and codebreaking capabilities, but also focus on flourishing a rapport with their fellow team members. 
The Olympiad was an incredibly enjoyable and fulfilled event that consisted of 4 rounds, ran separately for middle school and high school:
-    Dragon maths: students had to run clockwise around a large gymnasium, collecting questions as quickly as possible before bringing them back to solve as a team. Utilising both mathematical and athletic abilities, dragon maths made the title of ‘Maths Olympics’ a reality. 
-    Codebreaking and treasure hunt: students had to crack a variety of codes that revealed various locations around the school. In each location they obtained a piece of a tangram which was later used to complete the final challenge.
-    Individual round: sat quietly in a grand hall, students individually attempted to solve 23 questions of varying difficulty.
-    Escape the dungeon: the students received a map of a dungeon and were tasked to design a strategy to earn the most coins available within said dungeon. They earnt coins from each room upon completion of the question that laid waiting for them. 
Ms Ngoc Anh (trainee teacher), Ms Huyen(trainee teacher), Mr Jon, Mr Mikail, Mr Simon, Ms Kelsie, Ms Rachelle and Ms Danielle all attended the event in order to show their support. The fantastic results of all teams represented make it worth all the dedication and hand work. 
The faculty of Nguyen Sieu is immensely proud of all of you, Maths Warriors!"

Các thầy cô giáo và học sinh trong niềm vui chiến thắng

Về phía học sinh, bạn Nguyễn Sĩ Đan (10IG2S1) và bạn Phí Cẩm Thy (11AS) chia sẻ: "In about estimated 100 students attending the entry exam, through the team round, there were 24 of us left. Through 2 weeks of practice and preparation, we developed our skills and most importantly our team chemistry. In a mixture of veterans and rookies, we were all ready for the big Olympiad. Thinking about the Olympiad, many of you may think that it is a serious competition, it is stressful and so on. However, to us, it was fun, enjoying and .we had a great experience. Not to brag about it but Nguyen Sieu students are pretty good at this, I mean we outscored the 3rd place team by 19 points (97 and 78), as a school we won more than half of the prizes, two years in a row. Overall, we had a very good time together as a team, as a group of 20 including students and teachers. In order to prepare for the competition, me and my team members worked together a lot. I learnt all of my team members’ strengths and weaknesses to understand them more and to divide tasks appropriately. In my point of view, the most significant thing that contributes mainly to our victory is the understanding between my group members. We shared a lot of our thinking and feeling. We also learnt together the topics in the competition. In the second round, when we had to solve maths questions and run to get another question, our team did our best to solve the questions and did not spend too much time on a question. We also solved most of the codes in the code breaking round. Most importantly, we earned the maximum number of coins in the dungeon round with our strategy. We were very happy to be the champion of the competition. After the Olympiad, we also get to know each other more and are all willing to be teammates in other projects. I think the best thing about the Olympiad is not prizes at all, it is the friends that you made and the laughs that you had with each other that makes it becomes meaningful than ever."

Sĩ Đan cùng thầy và đồng đội của mình

Bạn Tô Anh Minh (học sinh lớp 7CI6) cũng không giấu nổi những niềm vui trước thành tích mà bản thân và đồng đội đã đạt được: "Maths Olympiad is one of the vast opportunities where I get to compete against students from all over the city and rank myself amongst them. Therefore, preparing was definitely needed. Usually, I’d just find some codebreaking websites as well as tangram puzzles online because I know they’re in the contest. But I took myself one step further and do revision on pretty much all the topics that were covered in my current grade as well as the grade above, just to be sure nothing can go wrong for myself. As the leader of my team, I had to train me and my members to cooperate efficiently in the dungeon, codebreaking and dragon rounds, because we know that there is going to be lots and lots of running and using our self-proclaimed high IQ :))) 
Then the day came. We were a bit snoozy upon arrival but the energetic atmosphere around fueled us to have a high spirit entering the competition. Each part of the competition gradually went by, with the dungeon and codebreaking round leaving us disappointed since we didn’t have a good strategy to follow, whereas the individual round and the dragon round worked out fine at the end. When it came to the prize ceremony, I was a bit let down because we didn’t win any team prizes, but I won an individual prize and we all told ourselves to try harder and be better next time we meet at the great Maths Olympiad".